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 Ukpeme Akpan Okon is the Author of  award-winning The Values String: A book on Transitional Life, Compelling Fulfillment, and Profound Peace. A Lawyer, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediator, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, and Ambassador for Peace, she believes that the complexities of the world, and challenges encountered by individuals can be surmounted.


Her areas of core competence are in Peacebuilding, Adjudication, Mediation, Arbitration, Corporate Legal Practice, Intellectual Property, Women and Children's Rights Advocacy, Public Speaking /Motivational Speeches, Global Partnership for Development, and Capacity Building.

She founded Guild of Adjudicators in Nigeria (GAIN), and is the Pioneer Coordinator of Justice, Development and Peace Commission of the Catholic Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles Parish, Abuja. She has held other leadership positions.

 Ukpeme is the Convener of The Peace Agenda. The Peace Agenda is a platform for strategizing sustainable agenda, and action for peace. The Peace Agenda Summit, which she organizes, comprises 17 speakers: Presenting Strategies for Achieving Both Personal and World Peace.  

Ukpeme is a member of Women, Peace and Security Network. She is a former Assistant General Secretary of International Federation of Women Lawyers, Abuja Branch. She has served on the Zero Draft sub-committee of  Non-Governmental Organization / United Nations Convention on the Status of Women. 

Ukpeme is a past Secretary of the Abuja Chapter  —  Nigeria Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and was one of the 5 signatories to an application to establish the Abuja Chapter. She is a certified mental health coach, and a member of other organizations.

Ukpeme was awarded the title "Ambassador for Peace" by the Universal Peace Federation. She is a recipient of a Powerhouse Global Award — Justice for the People Advocate, Golden Role Model Award, and other Awards.

A resource person, with papers and presentations to her credit, she has served as Rapporteur on various assignments, and was a panelist at a High Level event of the United Nations General Assembly.

Ukpeme is desirous of leaving a legacy of peace, time consciousness, organizational excellence, team work and meritorious leadership. These are qualities she exhibited from ten years of age.

After successfully acting as a mediator in a protracted difficult situation, she was referred to as "Peace Maker." This, and other related circumstances led to her determination to help people lead peaceful, transformational, fulfilled lives.

Ukpeme has been writing since her childhood. She recalls writing instructional notes as a child, and still has those writings. She has held leadership positions since her teenage years, until now.

A Rotarian, Ukpeme takes pleasure in peacebuilding, good music, mental wellness, culinary art, life coaching, nature, dancing, traveling and, volunteering. She is married, with children

The Values String: A book on Transitional Life, Compelling Fulfillment, and Profound Peace.

Move ahead, hindrance-free, towards self betterment.

Despite our imperfections, our lives can be positively transformed.

One good value of yours can produce abundant good.

Find out how, by reading The Values String: A book on Transitional Life, Compelling Fulfilment, and Profound Peace.

Services and Events

Ukpeme Akpan Okon, Guest Speaker at United States Army Corps of Engineers, New York District.


  • Complimentary two-hour online Mediation Session (for The Summit Level attendees of The Peace Agenda Summit).
  • Motivational Bespoke Public Speaking / Speeches (transformational speaking is my medium, transforming lives is my goal).
  • Mediation Services: private mediation, family mediation, group mediation, community mediation.


The world is likened to a conglomerate. Our human diversities present numerous possibilities for misunderstandings and conflicts, in forms imaginable and unimaginable.

Some persons think that peace is elusive. When one considers the level of conflicts within oneself, family, work place, community, country and the world, achieving peace can be dismal.

If we reflect on the effect that small waves make on the surface of water - the ripple effect, we will realize that being an agent of peace can positively effect peace on our families. Our family members then propagate peace and peace spreads.

When we encounter uneasiness, difficulties, anxieties, distress, chaos, violence, contentions and conflict in its inexhaustible ramifications, be encouraged that peace is possible. Believe in yourself and declare that peace begins with ME because I AM PEACE!


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I can help you to achieve peace.

Let me help you to achieve peace.

The Peace Agenda


The Peace Agenda is a platform for peace enthusiasts to strategize sustainable agenda, and action for peace.

Let Your Peace Agenda be Known!

The Peace Agenda Summit, convened by Ukpeme Akpan Okon, an Ambassador for Peace, was launched online on September 21, 2019 and repeated on October 19, 2019. The Summit is planned to be organized periodically.

The theme of the summit was/is: “Presenting Strategies for Achieving Both Personal and World Peace.”

17 charismatic speakers presented as follows:

“The Journey of Forgiveness – Destination Peace,” by Azim Khamisa

“The Power and Rippling Effect of Personal Peace,” by Ukpeme Akpan Okon

“Forging Collaborations for Building Positive Peace,” by Steve Killelea

“Practice Building for Peacekeepers,” by Natalie Armstrong-Motin

“Overcoming Hate by Being the Example of Love,” by Dr. Shirley Auguste

“Peace for the Body, Mind, and Spirit,” by Dr. Kelly Morgan

“Peace for the Body, Mind, and Spirit,” by Jacqueline Pirtle 

“Peace for the Body, Mind, and Spirit,” by Connie Bowman

“Strategies for Confronting the Culture of Silence on Gender-Based Violence, and sex Crimes,” by Ozioma Izuora

“Should mental health be considered a factor while resolving conflict?,” by Grace Charrier

“Self Care and its Importance,” by Kristina Darby

“Meditation for Lasting Peace,” by Joe Weston

“Understanding the Roots of Conflict,” by Robin Funsten

“Peace Within Creates Peace Around,” by Durgamadhavi Mamidipalli

“World Peace Starts With Me & Four Ways to Achieve it,” by Ruchi Singh

"Be the Peace Brand," by David Brown

“Peacebuilding and the Legitimacy of Actors,” by Ephraim Emah

What are your intentions for peace? What are your actions for peace?

What is your Peace Agenda?

Let each individual identify solutions to the numerous problems that plague society, by noting "What I can do."

We will be amazed at the successes that will result from our resolutions. 

The Peace Agenda prompts everyone to do something for peace. Here is my Peace Agenda:

“I will be a voice of peace, I will be an action of peace.”

“Together, we can foster a more peaceful, non-violent world.” — Ukpeme Akpan Okon

Collation of The Peace Agenda of everyone across the world is ongoing. Kindly send your peace agenda.


Peace is possible. It begins with us! 

The Values String: A book on Transitional Life, Compelling Fulfillment, and Profound Peace.

I desire to inspire the world. 

The Values String: A book on Transitional Life, Compelling Fulfillment, and Profound Peace is a unique, creative, motivational, award-winning book by Ukpeme Akpan Okon.

It establishes the nexus among transformation, resilience, fulfillment, and peace. It also highlights mental health issues, refraining from stigmatization of persons, and encouraging persons to seek help.

The author's creativity is showcased through self-composed songs, which align with some sections in the book. This book introduces a self-mastery and betterment method created by the author, known as The Values String.

Readers of The Values String are certain to understand  how mindfulness can foster transformation, fulfillment, and peace.

Through the author’s composed songs, one can experience the ability to sing to, through, and out of any circumstance. One value is a gemstone. Envisage owning several values and stringing them...

The Values String was published on December 16, 2018.

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3. The Values String is the Reader's 1st Choice Award recipient, presented by We Love Indie Books, as Winner of April 2019 Cover of the Month Contest.

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