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The world is likened to a conglomerate. Our human diversities present numerous possibilities for misunderstandings and conflicts, in forms imaginable and unimaginable.

Some persons think that peace is elusive. When one considers the level of conflicts within oneself, family, work place, community, country and the world, achieving peace can be dismal.

If we reflect on the effect that small waves make on the surface of water - the ripple effect, we will realize that being an agent of peace can positively effect peace on our families. Our family members then propagate peace and peace spreads.

When we encounter uneasiness, difficulties, anxieties, distress, chaos, violence, contentions and conflict in its inexhaustible ramifications, be encouraged that peace is possible. Believe in yourself and declare that peace begins with ME because I AM PEACE!

I can help you to achieve peace.

Let me help you to achieve peace.


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The Peace Agenda Event (August 31, 2019):

The Peace Agenda is a gathering of peace enthusiasts, to create a sustainable agenda for achieving peace.

It will greatly benefit individuals, who seek to achieve positive transformational personal, professional and communal lives, and by extension contribute to world peace.

This epochal event will strategize for an action plan for peacebuilding, and encourage participants to believe that peace is possible, and to become advocates of Peace. 

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*The Legislative Intervention in the Crusade Against Corruption presentation was rated excellent by participants at the CSiFFM Workshop. It opened a Vista of options for safeguarding tax payers monies, careers, and promoting accountability in the civil service.

Ini-Odu Akpan.

**The Values String Review by Ali Marsman:


February 1, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

I truly believe this is a book we all should have on our bookshelf, or Kindle, Kobo, etc ... wherever you have your books for quick reference. It is beautifully written and full of nothing but inspiration and words of wisdom!

As I mentioned in my first update, there are 10 sections -

Section 1: No Condemnation - In this section we are introduced to, Uwem, a man notorious for crime, but it doesn't go into great details of these crimes, but gives just a few paragraphs to set the foundation for the words of encouragement should you be in similar situations as he.

'Do not condemn yourself even when you have been condemned. Sing the redemption song. Open your mind, open your heart, forgive yourself, and ask for forgiveness. Envision a future of eternal liberty. You can be leavened bread. You can rise.'

This section ends with a song titled, 'Leavened Me'

Section 2: Tripod Balance - In this section we meet, Salud. She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Again, just a few paragraphs to set the foundation for an optimistic view on life. The author, Ms Okon quotes, Joshua Kai, 'Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.' And she herself offers powerful words and great advice on life and in 'Tripod Balance' stating that, 'Those on unipods and bipods require support to attain equilibrium. Be a balancer. Those on tripods, avoid complacency ... ' 'Tripod Balance' is, she believes, 'Cultivating spiritual, mental, and physical soundness, will yield health-giving results.'

This section ends with a song titled, 'Breakthrough Avenue'

Section 3: Scent From Above - We are introduced to, Bernadette. A woman who succumbed to substance abuse and her life went from great to unfortunate in a short time. Again, just a few short paragraphs before the author offers tremendous support for anyone reading who is experiencing a similar situation as Bernadette. After quoting the World Health Organization, Ms. Okon works her ability in offering advice and hope. '... Wear your discernible glasses in order to recognize calamitous vices. Get dressed in your confidence clothes. Walk in your shoes; understand your uniqueness. Do not bother to spray perfume, if you are not accustomed to that routine. Your demeanour will ooze sweetness of smell ... If rejected, don't be dejected ...'

Song, 'Cherry Blossom' ends this section.

I hope this is enough of a review to give you an idea of the contents of this uplifting book? I don't think I need to write anymore ... either the contents of those sections will inspire you to read the book, or they won't, but I urge you to. It is my review and just my opinion, but that's what a review and opinion are, to offer words to your friends that will get them interested in reading books of all sorts, and I truly believe that each of you reading my thoughts on this book will get something wonderful from it. It is not a, 'preachy' 'you must' 'you should' kind of motivational book, but simply a beautifully worded book that can benefit the whole of the world.

Section 4: The Unifier

Section 5: Definitely Not Alone

Section 6: Cancel Counsel?

Section 7: Counsel for Counsel

Section 8: Valuable Values

Section 9: The Values String

Section 10: The End

*** The Values String Review by Kelebogile Mbangi 

The Values String is a motivational nonfiction book by Ukpeme Akpan Okon. 

Within the pages of this short, creative book, the author urges readers to shake off feelings of self-condemnation, guilt, and regret. She presents readers with a simple, implementable technique to turn their lives around. With this technique, you use your core values as affirmations, which in turn motivate you to action.

I enjoyed the author's presentation of "the tripod" system, which states that to attain success, one must balance and maintain their mental, spiritual, and physical health. This system complemented the implementation of the technique discussed in the previous paragraph.

I loved the author's tone. Her voice came across as strong, motivational, and warm. Reading The Values String feels like getting that well-needed pep-talk to help you get back on track. The feeling of the book was further enhanced by the songs that the author wrote and included in some of the chapters. Some of these songs help you to feel calm and at peace, while others help you to muster up the courage you need.

Overall, I believe The Values String reaches what it sets out to do. The techniques explained have helped me. I also loved that I was able to complete it in one short sitting.


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*Publication of The Values String, uniquely written to inspire the world.

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The Values String

The Author:


Ukpeme Akpan Okon is the Author of The Values String. 

A Lawyer, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediator, Speaker, Trainer,  Peace Life Coach and Ambassador for Peace, she believes that the complexities of the world, and challenges encountered by individuals can be surmounted.


Her areas of core competence are in Peacebuilding, Adjudication, Mediation, Arbitration, Corporate Legal Practice, Intellectual Property, Women and Children's Rights Advocacy, Public Speaking, Global Partnership for Development, and Capacity Building.

A Rotarian and resource person, with papers and presentations to her credit, she has served as Rapporteur on various assignments, and was a panelist at a High Level event of the United Nations General Assembly.

Ukpeme is an awardee and desirous of leaving a legacy of peace, time consciousness, organizational excellence, team work and meritorious leadership. These are qualities she exhibited from ten years of age.

After successfully acting as a mediator in a protracted difficult situation, she was referred to as "Peace Maker." This, and other related circumstances led to her determination to help people lead peaceful, transformational, fulfilled lives.

Ukpeme has been writing since her childhood days. She recalls writing instructional notes as a child. She has held leadership positions since her teenage years, until now.

Ukpeme takes pleasure in peacebuilding, good music, healthy lifestyle, culinary art, life coaching, nature, dancing, traveling and volunteering.

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